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The Ultimate List of Road Trip Food (+ free checklist)

The Ultimate List of Road Trip Food (+ free checklist)

Kapp’s Kitchen is headed out on the road in a couple of weeks. Road trips are one of our favorite types of vacations. Rockin’ out to a killer playlist, stopping to take pictures in front of some amazing roadside wonder, exploring national and state parks, hiking trails and geocaching, eating at local hangouts, and just general adventuring.

The Ultimate List of Road Trip Food (+ free checklist)Road trips can range from very budget-friendly to “my wallet is on fire” expensive. We try to stick to the more frugal travel. One of the fastest places money seems to slip through your fingers is in food. The temptation to grab a tasty snack or bag of candy at every gas station and eat at every restaurant can really start to add up.

One way to save a bit of money while traveling is to bring your own food. Trying all the awesome favorite local places for two foodies is a huge part of travel for us so we definitely make a plan to eat out at least once a day, often twice or get a special treat. When we do that, we also worry less about trying to keep our meals to the cheaper options on the menu. So we can have a really good meal at a great restaurant and not feel like we are breaking the bank.

Unless there is a breakfast place we are just dying to try, many hotels/motels offer breakfast as part of the stay. If we don’t take advantage of that or they don’t offer it, we will usually just have a protein bar and grab a cup of coffee somewhere. Typically, we will have a sandwich or other snacks we bring for one meal and eat out for one.

Here is our ultimate list of road trip snacks and food. We don’t take all of these items but we do choose from this list to pack our cooler and snack bag.

Here are a few other items I have found very helpful for snacking on the road:

  • The Ultimate List of Road Trip Food (+ free checklist)Old, plastic shopping bag for trash
  • Ziplock bags of various sizes. Great for portioning snacks and for sealing opened bags/packages. It is also a great way to fill your cooler with ice without the melted water filling the cooler.
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • paper plates/bowls
  • plastic knives/forks/spoons
  • at least one sharp knife
  • paper towels
  • washcloths/towels
  • Plastic wrap/foil
  • disposable cups (for sharing a drink between two people or portioning snacks)

We have created a free printable checklist of the items listed in this post. If you would like to download this checklist, use the box below to subscribe to our newsletter.


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