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How to Cold Brew Tea

How to Cold Brew Tea

How to Cold Brew Tea

Today, August 21, is National Iced Tea Day. Now, I know everyone is talking about the solar eclipse today but we cannot forget this very serious day of celebration for THE staple drink of the south!

How to Cold Brew Tea

Recently, Anthony and I discovered the beautiful art of cold brewing tea. Cold brewing coffee has been all the rage for the last couple of years. Rightly so, it’s delicious! However, cold brewing tea will take your tea game to a whole new level.

Brewing tea the traditional way requires pouring boiling water over tea leaves and letting them soak for a few mins. This method is actually cooking the tea leaves which can lead to a bitter taste, especially if you steep too long. The bitter tea will cause many, especially those of us in the south, to add sugar to the tea in hopes of masking the bitterness.

Cold brewing does not cook the leaves. This process will produce a very smooth tea. In several cases we have found, it even changes the flavor. Reducing the bitterness in your tea will allow you the opportunity to taste the true flavors of the tea leaves and herbs.

Cold brewing tea will take much longer than the traditional hot water method but it is well worth the planning.

We have used this method to make ginger green tea, chai tea, mint tea, green tea, and black tea. We are enjoying trying different brands and blends to find our favorites. Our favorite for this method, so far, has been the Zen green tea by Tazo.

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Cold Brew Tea
Cold brewing tea will take your tea game to the next level.
How to Cold Brew Tea
How to Cold Brew Tea
  1. Fill a pitcher with 64 oz of cold or room-temperature water.
    How to Cold Brew Tea
  2. Add tea bags to water making sure they are all the way in the water. They will float but you want at least most of it in the water and floating on top of another tea bag.
  3. Place in refrigerator for 4-10 hours.
    How to Cold Brew Tea
Recipe Notes

The tea will last 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

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How to Cold Brew Tea

  • so basically sun tea but in the fridge, right?

    • I’ve never made sun tea but from what I have heard it is similar. From what I understand about making sun tea, it can be a haven for bacteria growth but keeping it in the fridge is much safer.

  • I don’t like bitter tea so I’m going to give this a try! Maybe even with an herbal tea blend I have! Thank you for linking up at the Blended Blog!

  • Rosanna Penner-Sauereisen

    I have made sun tea but never tea this way. I may have to try it sometime.

  • Sue Loncaric

    I don’t usually drink tea cold but I’m told it can be quite refreshing. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us at #overthemoon and have a lovely day.

  • Aletha Cress Oglesby

    I love tea, cold or hot. Despite advice to boil the water, I don’t, I just heat the water. But for iced tea I like this method better. I will have to remember to plan ahead to put it in the frig soon enough. Thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner Link party!

  • Julie Loos

    I think I was born in the wrong place. I love sweet tea and I’m not from the South:)
    I’ve never tried cold brew, but what a great idea!
    Visiting from #FreshMarketFriday

  • sugarkisses

    I love this idea. Especially when you’re pressed for time. Thanks for sharing, and feel free to share on my Sunday’s Best linkup. Starts every Saturday at 8:00 pm EST.

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